Sheet Metal Materials

Our reputation for high quality state of the art laser cutting & CNC punching can only be achieved through versatility, skilled workmanship and professional service. You may discuss your needs with our practical & caring staff without any sales pressure, either by phone or online enquiry form.

Mild Steel: Most of our work is with mild steel. Such as CR4 & HR4 in most forms including sheet, billet, bar, tube, wire, and section. Specialist materials include Zintec & Galvanised.

Aluminium: We work with most grades of aluminium used in the sheet metal industry, but most commonly commercial grade 1050.

Stainless Steel: We work with stainless steel for both our sheet metal & fabrication operations as well as our balustrading section. Primary materials are 430, 304 & 316.

Galvanized Steel: Steel that has a zinc protective coating for resistance against corrosion. The level of protection provided is measured by the weight of the galvanized coating (ie G30, G60, G90) applied to the surface area of the steel.

Zintec: Zintec is the trade name for British Steel plc cold rolled sheet and coil that has been electrolytically coated with a thin layer of zinc.

Copper: Our Trumpf 3030 fibre laser cuts copper sheet metal up to 6mm thick!

Brass: With fibre optic laser technology we are able to cut brass along with copper and bronze.



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