Fibre Laser Cutting Capabilities

Sheet Metal Capabilities

To make the laser cutting process even easier we have created this data sheet to help guide you through our sheet metal capabilities.

Maximum Thickness

We cut Mild Steel from 0.7mm to 20mm
We cut Aluminium from 0.7 to 15mm
We cut Stainless Steel from 0.7 to 15mm
We cut Galvanized Steel from 0.7 to 3mm. With cuts above 3mm coatings such as zinc, galvanising, painting or chroming can be applied after the cut.
We cut Copper from 0.7 to 3mm
We cut Brass from 0.7 to 3mm
We cut Titanium from 0.7 to 4mm

Lasting relations with various sub-contract finishers for coatings such as zinc, galvanising, painting or chroming. With a unique industry knowledge and experience, we can ensure you receive a top quality service for excellent value.

Maximum Sheet Size

Our maximum sheet size in laser cutting is generally 3 x 1.5 meters. Thanks to the work of our team in development and design assistance we can always help cater for change, so why not call and see how we can help?

Cutting Edge Quality

Compressed air is more cost effective up to 2mm. A nitrogen cut is the highest quality and used on cuts above 2mm thickness, and by request.

For a premium quality cut we use CR4 cold rolled material. Our preference for this cold reduced material has meant high quality cuts. With such competitive prices our customers get a great value for the finished product. CR4 is a low carbon (mild) steel. The term “CR4” is generally used in Europe where it is classified by British Standard BS 1449 part 1. For more information on what this means see below:

CR4 /  BS1449 / AISI 1018 / EN 10130

If you have a preference for hot rolled material then we would be eager to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and see how we can help. With such an accommodating team, we continue to have a reputation for design and development assistance that meets our customers requirements and capabilities.

Design Formats

We accept CAD drawings in .DXF .DWG .PDF or .ZIP  files.





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