Copper Laser Cutting

Through Fiber Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Copper

Copper laser cutting sheet metal was always problematic for CO2 laser cutters, as the reflections could damage the laser resonator. As one of the UK’s leading sheet metal service providers, St. Ann’s Sheet Metal understands the need for moving with the times. For our Fibre Laser Cutting machine copper is simple. With fibre optic laser technology we are able to cut brass, copper and bronze. The Trumpf 3030 fibre laser cuts copper sheet metal up to 6mm thick!

Perhaps you have a copper sheet metal product and you thought it couldn’t be laser cut? We are only a phone call away. Our team of Fibre Laser Cutting specialists – working together with the Trumpf 3030 – have yet to be beaten on copper component quality in the UK.

In fibre optic laser technology the thermal conductivity draws in heat from the laser, meaning we have to use very high power. As a concerning prospect – and keen to keep up with technology in alternative power solutions – St. Ann’s Sheet Metal invested in solar energy at our Nottingham based factory. We now use this alternative resource to help power our Fibre Laser Cutting Machinery.

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