Benefits of Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

Our sheet metal laser/fiber laser cutting machinery provides a range of benefits to our customers:

Benefits of Laser Cutting

  • In comparison with punching, it gives a superior edge finish that requires no de-burring or finishing.
  • Intricate detail & marking potential.
  • Lasers can cut complex shapes without the need for tooling.
  • Speed is comparable or faster than other profile cutting methods.
  • Localised heat distortion is reduced.
  • A polished edge finish can be achieved on stainless steel using a nitrogen assist gas.

Benefits of Laser Cutting – Laser cutting is a technology that has been used in industry since the 1970’s. The first common application was for sign-making, mainly cutting acrylic. Since then the process has been adopted and adapted by virtually every industry group. It  is now a significant process in every manufacturing economy.

A Service in Demand

The reasons for laser cutting sheet metal popularity include:

  • The accuracy of the cut.
  • The repeatability and consistency of the process.
  • The level of detail achievable.
  • The range of materials which can be processed.
  • The speed of the process.
  • The cost of parts.
  • The ease of changing parts (particularly when compared to hard tooling etc).
  • The lack of physical contact during the process.
  • The small heat affected zone.

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